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I was born into a Christian family in Kottayam who loves music. My parents (Mr. E J Samuel & Mrs. Sosamma Sam) were also talented in music. I have one brother, Mr. Aji Sam) & a sister, Mrs. Jiya Sam.

My  Child hood

My father used to play harmonium & encouraged me in music & singing in my very childhood itself. He started training me music very strictly. He wanted to make me a singer. So he spent very much time to teach me old songs & encouraged me to become a dedicated singer.

Starting as a singer

I started public performance at the age of 7 when I was a school girl. My first program was with Evg. J V Peter & his team Gospel Tuners, Thiruvalla (You can read more about this here). He was the person who gave me an entry to the music ministry & he gave me lot of chances in my earlier days.

Later I had been working with many music teams like Heart Beats (ICCC), Master’s Voice, Athmeeya Yathra, Holy Beats, Worshippers, Divine Gospel Strings, Pilgrim Beats, Christ For India Singers & Celestials.

I would like to express my sincere gratitude to Bhaktha Valsalan, Sam Kuzhikkala, Pr. O M Rajukkutty, Pr. V A Thampi, Achankunju Ilanthoor, Jolly Abraham, Pr. Thomas Ambakkayathu, Pr. Sunny Philip for their valuable & timely helps & encouragements in my life & career.

Master’s Voice

In the starting of 90’s I joined with Master’s Voice, singing team based at Kottayam. That period of 10 years was a peak time in my singing life. I got chances to visit many places in Kerala & other states in India with the team. It was a time of great pleasure to work with Evg. Kunjumon Thottappally, Mathew John, Sunny Chirayinkeezhu, Aranmula Baby, Sabu Antony, Sunny John who were the members of that team.

Learning Karnatic Music

In 1992 I joined in Kottarathil Shankunni Smaraka Arts College, Kottayam for learning Karnatic Music. I took ‘Ganabhooshanam’ from there under the training of late. Master Kalyana Sundaram who was the teacher of Dr. K J Yesudas. I thankfully remember my teachers Mrs. Vijaya Lakshmi Nair, Mrs. Jayasree Nair,  Mr. Krishnan Namboodiri who helped me in developing my skills musically. I learned violin also as an optional subject under the tutorship of Divakaran sir.

Song recordings

My first song recording was at the age of 10. It was a kids musical album by named ‘Swarga Rajyam’ by Heart Beats (ICCC). (Read More). Till now, by God’s grace, He helped me to sing more than 8000 songs in recordings.

Marriage & Family

I was married to Mr. Saju Kattatharayil (Peter John) in 1996. We have 2 children Hanna (13) & Abel John (10) who are also talented in music & singing. We are living as a happy family at Kottayam.

Current Ministry

Currently I am continuing my Christian Songs Ministry with my abilities for the glory of God.

Thanks for visiting my website. Your encouragements always helped me in my life & ministry. Kindly do comment your views & ideas here. Thanks again!




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One thought on “About Me

  1. Hello Sis. Jiji in Christ,

    I remember you performing at my church (St. Mathews CSI Church Kattampackal, Kottayam) with Master’s Voice on our perunnal day….. especially, “uyartheedum njan enter kankal” I still remember that like yesterday, though it happened somewhere in the starting of 90s.. It is such a great experience to remember those things now after so many years, that too from another state, (settled in Hyderabad now)

    anyway, nice to read about you and your ministry….

    Definitely will keep you and your family, with your ministry work in my prayers…

    Brother in Christ,

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